Formula one

UOP Shadow-Ford DN 5/2A, Tom Pryce, Monza 1975

Iritani 1/20 scale

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Don Nichols, the founder of Advanced Vehicle Systems built his first car for CanAm racing in 1970, and whilst continuing to race back home, set up an English establishment for a serious and occasionally successful F1 venture. For his first driver, Nichols turned to his Can-Am star Jackie Olivier, who helped in securing sponsorship from Universal Oil Products (UOP). For his designer, Nichols opted for Tony Southgate, formerly of BRM and the team got started by supplying kit cars to Graham Hill's Embassy team. The first works effort was the DN1 (DN = Don Nichols), a Cosworth powered car, that regularly ran in the top half of the field.


During 1974, Oliver concentrated on driving the Can-Am cars while Frenchman Jean-Pierre Jarier and Peter Revson manned the F1 cars. Things looked like they were heading in the right direction until tragedy struck, when Revson was killed in a pre-season practise session at Kyalami. Revson was briefly replaced by Brian Redman who soon handed over to Tom Pryce. Pryce started well, winning the Race of Champions in 1975, while Jarier often got close to the dominant Ferrari of Lauda. Solid results failed to materialise and at the end of the season UOP withdrew their support.

The German Grand Prix 1975, was the first formula one race I’ve ever seen.

On Friday August 1st, we arrived the Nürburgring “Schwalbenschwanz”, so I could

hear my first formula one car, it was the Shadow DN 5 with Jean-Pierre Jarier as driver.

 This beautiful noise was heard some seconds before the car came out of the “Pflanzgarten” forest. This was an unforgettable impression for me, so I didn’t hesitate to buy these models from Iritani, which reminded me that Grand Prix.

The Model

The Shadow DN 5, is one of the first models kits manufactured by Iritani, offered in 1/20 scale, comprising resin, metal, plastic and rubber parts. There is nothing particularly difficult about building this kit, so, anyone may get a good result with not much experience.



I decided to build the Monza car from Tom Pryce, the other Shadow (DN 7) with Jarier as driver, was powered by the Matra V12 engine.

The difference between Monza and the other GP’s, are the chrome wheels and the start number on the airbox and not (as usual) on the sidepot.


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