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Supermarine Spitfire K5054

Prototype (type 300)

1/48 scale

by Ricardo Dacoba

I decided to start with the construction of the cockpit in its closed position. Therefore, I did not add any extra details that would not be visible later anyway. I closed the fuselage and concentrated on the modification of surfaces.


I had to remove all traces of the presence of weapons, since the prototype did not carry them. With a "scriber" I rescribed all panel lines. In the case of the Revell kit, this is not a problem, since it brings recessed panels and it was easy to remove the original ones.

I also modified the water radiator, making it reach the border of the wheel well, by using small plasticard sheets and filler.


The tail wheel was replaced with a skid produced by myself and then I added semi-discs on the undercarriage covers. All navigation lights, which were added before painting the model, were produced with clear sprue taken from the original canopy.


The propeller was carved in balsa wood, trying to reproduce the one on the original plane.
Then I removed the exhaust tubes and replaced them with a plastic sheet properly perforated.

The canopy is a vacformed part, from a mould carved in wood while the hubs of the wheels are turned plastic parts added to the original wheels.


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The original plane was painted in a light gray color. There is no accurate reference as regards this color, but since it was a plane built by Rolls Royce, we could assume that they had probably used a color corresponding to that of the car engines.


The ID plates were painted on a clear decal, which was cut out trying to leave as less carrier film as possible, and then applied as an ordinary decal.

As a last step, the model was varnished with Tamiya clear X-22 in order to achieve a glossy finish.


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Scale Aviation Modeler vol. 4 no 2 by Andy Seager
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