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Chevy Pick up 3100 /1950 1/25 scale

by  Luis Fernandez

To build this model I used the AMT/Ertl kit # 6437 on which I scratch built a lot of details and modifications.


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Details added
- Pipe and bar to measure the oil.
- On distributor, vacuum advance diaphragm and its hose to the carburetor.
- Spark plugs cables.
- Pipe from the fuel tank to the carburetor through the pump.
- Upper battery case and its electric cables.
- Oil hoses in oil filter.
- Plate with the brake pads in the wheels.
- Brake pump and pipes to the four wheels.
- Pedals with their linking to the brake pump and clutch.
- Steering case.
- Gear box's actuating linkage.
- Butterfly nut of air filter.
- Whole electric wiring.
- Fuel tank with its refuel hose, and floating wiring.
- Radio on dashboard and antenna.
- Upholstered of roof and seat.
- Interior parasols.
- Interior courtesy light.
- Spare wheel with its support, chain and padlock.
- Interior rear-view mirror.
- Sliding of seat.
- Cricket and tools under the seat.

- Chains in the load box's tail gate.
- Parking brake and its control on the dashboard to unlock it.
- Reinforcement rod in the rear fender.

- Heater water hoses.
- Windshield wipers.
- Dynamo support.
- Adjustable choke and its control under the dashboard.
- Accelerator rod.
- Plate of the registry number.
- Clear plastics in the position lights.
- The lever shift was replace.


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Carried out modifications
- The doors were cut and then they were hinged.
- The doors frames, weatherstrips and baseboards were scracht built.
- Hinges in the bonnet.

- Square holes were made on the load box laterals.
- Lengthening of the cabin floor.
- The panel behind the seat back was removed (place of the fuel tank).
- Holes simulating loop in the load box laterals.


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