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The incredible 1/72th models of Orlando Rueda:

- Me-163

- Tiger Moth

- Beechcraft Staggerwing

by Mario Covalski


Orlando Rueda lives is Bogotá, Colombia, and is a General and Traumatology Surgeon. Since he began to contribute with Modeler Site, month after month we were amazing about his incredible 1/72 models, mainly built with very simple an inexpensive kits, which Orlando added his talent on.

This is a good example what we could do with plastic, and a lot of love for the modelling

We hope to have in close future a full note about how Orlando builds one of this beauties.


A Heller kit with Preiser figures. The whole interior and canopy were scratchbuilt, belongs to Wolfgang Spate (99 victories). 


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Tiger Moth

The small De Havilland Tiger Moth, is an Aifix kit with the motor and cockpit full detailed in scratch.


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Beechcraft Staggerwing

A sword kit with a lot of details in the motor and interior.


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