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Ferrari F50

Tamiya 1/24

by Donald Currie


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The kit was built mainly out of the box. I started with the interior/front chassis. Floor mats were painted Tamiya Nato Black. The seats were airbrushed with two shades of Tamiya acrylic black and grey. Seat belts were made up from Modelers. The brake discs and front springs were carefully detail painted with Tamiya enamels.


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Once that was completed, I moved on to the exhaust system - the chrome was removed with oven cleaner and the parts sprayed with Alclad 2 chrome. Thinned clear orange was sprayed randomly to get a golden sheen on the silencers and exhaust tubes. The outlets were then painted with a light grey to show a clean burning exhaust.
The engine was next airbrushed with various metallic colours. Again careful detail painting of the anti-roll bar, brake calipers and discs was done. Then the raised Ferrari logo's on the gearbox and cam covers were carefully dry brushed with Tamiya silver enamel.


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The ignition wiring at the front of the cam covers was fitted, but is hidden under the engine panel.
Rear shocks were re-made with aluminum tube, rod and wire and look a lot better than the moulded parts. This is quite easy to do. Two lengths of Detail Master braided hose were fitted for oil lines from the gearbox.


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Moving on to the windscreen, a Modelers p/e wiper was used and "open" side windows were cut from thin acetate sheet to fit in the window openings. The dash was airbrushed with a mix of Tamiya acrylic medium grey and purple as per Tamiya instructions.
The various body parts were sprayed with Tamiya white primer from the can and then 3 light coats of Italian Red and two coats of clear all from Tamiya TS spray cans. Once the parts had been left to dry for a month, the finish was polished out with Tamiya rubbing compound and polish.

The p/e parts included in the kit for the logo's are excellent and look great when fitted. The front lights have no backing, so backs were made and a small piece of plastic rod fitted to simulate a bulb in the main lights.

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The excellent wheels again had the chrome removed and were airbrushed with Alclad2 highly polished aluminium. Sakatsu tyre valves were fitted and the wording on the tyres drybrushed with Nato Black.

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Aber p/e mesh was used for the front radiator opening instead of the kit part.
Overall the kit went together well and took about 6 months of weekend work to complete.

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