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Protar Ferrari 312T

1/12 scale

by Brian Limage


I Have been modeling since the age of 10, I'm now 38, I have built all kinds of models, Radio controlled, planes boats, helicopters and cars I have built 2 large dolls houses one for my sister and one for my wife, but I have never lost my fascination in building plastic kits.

This is a Protar kit of the 1975 Ferrari 312T which Niki Lauda won the championship. I detailed the kit adding turned parts, plus a lot of cables and wires. I used Alclad2 paint.

On next months I will show my Lotus 49B (the inspiration for this Lotus 49B came from the Tony Allen Lotus published here), and other Protar the 1980 Alfa 179 of Bruno Giacomelli.

I build models from kits by commission, but  are  MODIFIED  or
Superdetailed   for  greater  accuracy  and  realism.... 

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High quality model made by commission.

If you want that Brian builds a model for you...just email him