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Tamiya F14


1/32nd diorama

by Jan Visser


I have built the Tomcat F-14 in several scales, one them of course in scale 1/32 by Tamiya.
As I mostly want to built something different than the plane out of the box, in this case I first decided which squadron decals I wanted to use. So I choose a decal sheet by CAM and specially the one of VF-2 Bounty Hunters boarding the USS Enterprise during 1974 . Secondly I wanted to use the complete resin cockpit set by Cutting Edge, which absolutely perfect and gives the plane an absolute look like the real thing. 


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The open nose-panels are completely scratchbuilt.
When you built the plane this way you also must use the high visibility decal sheet by CAM.
Paints are also from Tamiya, spraycan # AS16 which comes very close. As well top as bottom is in the same colour. After the decals were placed with Micro sol and set the whole was finished with Humbrol flat varnish. Then I left the plane for some 2 weeks to rest. After that period I polished the plane with D2 car wax to make a bit more shiny.
Figures are leftovers from another Tomcat and a Hasegawa pilot figure.
The airplane was placed on a small template on which I used sanding paper to create a carrier deck and some small chains do the restů

The diorama is called "Delay", you can see the pilot asking the two crewmen what the problem is with the boarding ladder


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