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Diecast dioramas in 1/18th

by Carl Bosman


I live in Cape Town South Africa and for the past six years my hobby has been that of building 1:18 scale dioramas. Ninety percent of the tools you see featured in the various dioramas are hand built/ scratch built by myself. These include items such as drillpress, grindstone, bench vice, spanners, trolley jack, four poster lift, trailer, etc. etc.

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Ferrari workshop. The F40's original colour was yellow
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Ertl's Dodge Charger parked in front of the spray booth ( there are working lights
fitted inside the booth)
Four poster lift is hand built. The sprintcar featured is a 'GMP' make which I sprayed
in the Renault Clio colour ( called 'golden mist')...stunning colour in the sunlight!. Trailer was hand built.
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To the left a 1:18 Solido make Renault Saffrane V6 which was originally a road car finished
finished in silver. I resprayed it, fitted hockenheim rims, Mercedes Benz racing
interior, spoiler etc. to make it look like a British touring car.
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