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Argentine Air Force F-86F Sabre

by Alejandro Serra


The Argentine F-86F Sabre was a F-30 model, incorporating the F-40 wings with leading edge slats, so it gave best maneuverability to the machine. The Sabre entered in service in the Argentine Air Force in 1960. The jets arrived at base El Plumerillo, province of Mendoza, assigned to the Group 1 de Caza Bombardeo.
The one we show here conformed the Acrobatic Team called: “Escuadrilla Cruz del Sur”.

That Team completed demonstrations during 1961 and 1962. The name of each machines was : ALFA CENTAURO, DELTA, GAMMA y BETA. This team was dissolved in 1962. The illustrations show the Sabre called GAMMA, with its beautiful ornament.
The Sabre was used by the F.A.A. till 1986. Actually one of these machines with an
camouflaged scheme is shown at the Metropolitan Airport in Buenos Aires.
During the early years the Sabre used a metal scheme. Then was adopted a three colour camouflage with a forth colour on undersurfaces, but it is theme for a next article. 
The kit used was the Sabre F-40 from HOBBYKITS in 1/72 scale, also you can use the Sabre F-40 Blue Impulse from FUJIMI. You can also use the kit from HELLER but it is a F-30 and the wings must be prolonged 4 mm.
In 1/48 scale is the Sabre F-40 from HASEGAWA. Another kit available is the F-30 from ACADEMY, in this last kit is necessary to prolong the wings too.
The decals are from CALC-AS from Argentine, availables in 1/72 and1/48.  


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