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Honda CBR 1100 XX

"With Me"

Tamiya 1/12

by  Andrea Massone



After the R1 the ZX12R and the Hayabusa the choice could only be the Honda XX but with ME colours, for its out of the scheme look.


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Building report

I began building the engine as usual, the frame and preparing the body (fairing, tail and fender) removing the moulding line. The chain which take time to be painted, was covered with a layer of gun metal. Upper and lower side masked with a thin strip of tape and then sprayed the outer sides with sky blue. The pins was touched up with a gold marker and when dry a wash of black completed the job.

The frame is dark grey. Usually I don't use pure black, but always mix more or less white to give different shades to the model. The exhaust is modified in 4 into 1 type. Very easy job with sanding and putting. It is painted with Alclad polished aluminum more some shades of clear colours. The muffler is covered with Slixx carbon fiber decals and the silver plate is cut from Tamiya decal. The retaining rings are made with Bare Metal foil.


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About the front fork

I decided to make the brakes' system with avionic tubes. I used Modeller's joint and 0.6 mesh tube for the job. The mesh tube was painted with flat clear to tone down the bright silver. Brake disks were drilled, masked off after the rotors received some gold and covered with Humbrol Metal cote with addition of SNJ silver powder when dry. The forks were sanded to eliminate moulding joints and painted with ALclad Chrome.


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In the meanwhile the body received one layer of primer and two layers of automotive acrylic paint. The decal job was not too easy for this kit. Where the decals wrinkled, they were sanded and touched up with a mix of Mica Blue and Telefonica Blue sprayed with airbrush. The same mix is used for painting the mirrors, the fairing and the tail handle. I let the body dry for a week.
The dash was painted and decaled as for instruction. The coloured spies are painted silver covered with Tamiya clear colours. I cover the clocks with little dishes of "acetate" to simulate the glasses.
I added the two throttle cables lines and a retainer for the rear brake line on the swing arm, made with a thin strip of Coke can, with a little piece of Tamiya brake tube inside.
The body was then covered with 2 layers of automotive acrylic 2 components clear paint.
This is a gorgeous kit to build, capable to give a lot of satisfaction. It completes the series of super-bikes of 100hp over


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