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Douglas A-1 H "SKYRAIDER" 1/72 scale

by Fabian Vera                                                         



Originally developed as a torpedo/bomber for the Navy under the name "XBT2D-1 Dauntless II" during World War II, it was undoubtedly one of the biggest single-seat army planes of its time.

Redesigned as "AD-1 Skyraider" in April 1946, this plane had its major performance during the Viet Nam War, where it earned worldwide fame.

The model

What we present here is the 1/72 Hasegawa kit, detailed with photoetched parts from "Eduard Zomm" especially produced for this model and completed with a Hasegawa set of surface attack weapons (this kit only comes with four tubular rocket launchers).

The model was detailed with "Super Scale" decals. I also used Humbrol paints for the traditional US Navy paint scheme and Model Master varnish.


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