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FMA IA-58 Pucará

by Mario Covalski

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Manufacturer: FMA 
Origin country : Argentina 
Function: Tactical support and ground attack STOL 
Year: 1969 
Crew: 2 
Estimated Cost: 2,3 millions of dollars 

First version IA-58A  
IA-58B (Bravo) updated motors, first flight 15/5/1979 
IA-58C (Charlie) version fighter-bomber single-seater 
Motor: two Turbomeca Astazou XVI-6 
Rate of speed: 500 km/h level flight, 750km/h maximum 
Take-off run: 300m 
Service ceiling: 10000m 
Autonomy: 1705km (with three additional tanks), 460km loaded to the maximum 

Span: 14,50 m 
Length: 14,255 m 
High: 4,75 m 
Wing Surface: 30,30 m˛ 
Weight: 9.836 kg empty / 25.514 maximum to the take off 
Range: 3400 km 


Four machine guns 7,62mm Browning with 900 bullets 
Two 20mm cannons HH DCA-804 with 270 bullets 
Conventional bombs, brakings and Napalm 
Grenade launcher of 74mm 
Rockets of 70mm LAU-60 
Fuel tanks: two of 318 liters or one of 1100 liters 
Total load: 1500kg

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1/63th  model highly modified

by Mr. Julio Vergel (IPMS Tucuman, Argentina)