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Superdetailing a Tamiya's Jaguar XJR-9LM 1/24 scale  

   by  Segio G. Fernandez


A dream was made real on June 1988, the Jaguar  driven by  Andy Wallace, Jan Lammers and Johnny Dumfries  had won at  the legendary Le Mans. 

A great human, technique and logistic work made that performance, Jaguar came to Le Mans with five cars.

It was a difficult victory, only more than a minute between the winner and the second car, a Porsche driven by Stuck, Ludwig an Bell, yes, it is a small difference before 24 hours of competition.

The Jaguar was a car built with compound materials...

Kevlar, carbon fiber and epoxies resins. A conjunction of elements: Tires, aerodynamic and best maneuvered  made the triumph before 31 years, against its principal rivals: Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

The kit used is from TAMIYA, excellent of course, a lot of appointments were made.

The doors were cut and placed in open position with a helmet  inside the car.

This one belonged to John Watson (I had the decals of another kit), so I made the car

number 3 of Watson, Boesel and Pescarolo.

The  helmet visor was made of thin acetate and had two screws, which gives it


Some items were made using the box art illustration.

The body was cut to see the interior front.

Buckles and belts, air intakes, front  radiator cables, lateral panels, remount hook,

refrigeration spouts, waterspouts, cables, antennae, pedals, were added.

Enamel paints were used.

Other materials used

Photo etched, telephone cable, sprue, molded plastic, tin, copper wire, plasticard,

cigarette paper, cotton, virgin decal and baby tape.

You can see the unlimited of this hobby and the unlimited number of elements used.


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