Formula one

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Gold Leaf Team, Reine Wisell Lotus 72 1970

1/12 scale

by Thomas Halvarsson



The kit was an old black JPS wreck, so I started with taking the car apart ,some parts was missing ,so I had to scratch build some smaller parts, the rear wing is scratchbuilt with some parts from the original wing, the oiltank and oilcooler come from and old lotus 49b also the front wing came from that car, but a little modified, the real car did race with this smaller front wing but also with the bigger ones as on the JPS car, my driver Reine Wisell more often had the smaller wings.


The nose is modified with air intakes for the frontbrakes. The decals come from MTR, and they worked very well, you can choose versions of four drivers Fittipaldi, Rindt, Miles and Wisell for the 1970 season. I did the Swedish driver Reine Wisell as it raced in the late 1970 season, the best result was third place in Watkins Glen.

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