Formula one

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Ferrari F1-2000, 1/20 scale

Tamiya CON 2002 winner

by William Chan 2002

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This is one of many popular Ferrari F1 racers. Michael Schumacher won his third championship with this famous F1-2000. Tamiya has done an excellent job in producing this famous F1 racer.
I have taken 7 months to build this Ferrari. As I only spent few hours each week to work on it. However, the result is very satisfactory after the prolonged process. I have taken this model for Tamiya/Con 2002 and I am lucky enough to win the Formula Car category.

I have used F1s detail up parts and Studio 27 Marlboro decals to add up details, you also could use the Scalemotorsport set, it has very nice details up part, and although is more expensive, has a nice carbon fiber decal sheet with patterns to be cut. I sometimes use their CF decal, it think it is great.
The most challenging part is to apply massive carbon fiber decals on suspensions and transmission cover and removable nose cone. Originally, I was about to detail up the brake calipers as F1s provides very nice brake PE parts. However, I messed up a bit and decided to hide them with BBS wheel on.


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Overall side view 

Note that body cowling doesn't fit too well.

Overall top view

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Monocoque details

Toughest work is to make it aligned with nose cone and to position the master cylinders and other details right, so that it won't interfere the nose cone. 5-min epoxy glue is very useful to put all white metal parts and PE together.

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Rear Wing 

Rear wing end plates are shaved off a bit to make it look thinner.


Seat belt buckles are from F1-Specialties detail parts. They are excellent. I use epoxy putty to scratch build side cushion.

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Steering wheel 

I use PE washer to rebuilt all those colored switches.

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Nose cone

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In my F1-2000, I mostly used Modeler's CF decal as I stock those decals up few years back. I think I'll start using Scalemotorsport CF decal in my next project.

As for the painting, I put on 3 coats of Gunze white primer, then 3 coats of TS-49 and 3 coats of Gunze clear coat. I learned it a hard way from my previous failed F310B project that uneven white base can mess up the final bright red badly
Base coat - I used Gunze white surfacer 1000, you must evenly prime them before spraying red.
Color - I used Tamiya TS49-Bright red spray paint.
Clear Coat - I used Gunze Clear Top-Coat to clear coat it. Then polish it with polishing cloth, from 2000 grits to 12000 grits.


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