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Syrian Pz-IV Ausf. J

1/35 scale

by  Marco Aurelio Preto Modeler Site


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This is the DML Panzer-IV Ausf. J (late) kit, modified to represent a Syrian vehicle in the late 50's (and so it was at least 10 years old). All the modifications were made using photo etched parts from "Todo Modelismo" (I used a generic Pz-IV set produced by this Spanish brand) or using scratch built items.


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Here, I list all most noticeable changes

The shape of the armor spaced was corrected, and PE supports were added.
The commander's cupola was modified (but this one without the AAMG support that you can see in the Lantrum's example).
The shield of the front  lower hull was corrected;
I relocated the headlight support, and  added the wiring.
The exhaust tubes were scratch built with metallic tube and plastic strips.
The tollboxes on the side fenders were scratch built (using plasticard, stretched sprue, cooper wire and PE parts);
The springs were made of copper wire.


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The model was painted using several enamel paints (from Humbrol and Revell) with different shades of dark green until I got the right color (under my point of view), no washes were used! Weathering was achieved with pastel chalks and oils paints (these last ones were used mainly to represent leak effects).

Thanks to Phil Goodwin (Australia), Iddo (Israel) and Pawel Libner (Poland) for all the support and information provided.
Special thanks to Floriano Morgado for taking the pictures and Mario (our editor) for putting up with me and waiting for more than one year for these pictures!

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