Hong Kong Open Model Competition 2005 Nov 26-27, 2005

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This is an annual model contest hosted by Hong Kong Scale Model Society. There are a lot of entries displayed on the contest and there are several big local hobby shops hosting booth too and quite a lot of good stuff on sale for discounted price.


The model contest has only few categories and the competition level is so high. The categories are: Military Vehicles in any scale, Aircraft in any scale, Ship in any scale, Automotive in any scale, Sci Fi, Diorama and School/Junior category. As you can imagine that only the best of the best can place :) The model quality built in Hong Kong is exceptional.. I have to say a lot of them are much better than the one I saw at Tamiya/Con... Salute to all modelers in Hong Kong :) 

Here are some pics I took there. Enjoys

The contest room


Main contest hall Another look at contest hall. You can see Continental Hobby shop (more than 30 yrs in business I heard) and Concorde Hobby shop booth banners. Another look at contest hall. You can see UML Hobby Shop (possibility Hong Kong largest hobby shop) booth banner.
That's me and Johnson Tang (Modeler Site's contributor). It's so nice to meet Johnson and Michael in Hong Kong in person.


1/20 McLaren MP4/13 - This is by far the best MP4/13 I have seen so far. This is built by a fellow modeler from Zhuhui, China. If you look closer on engine and transmission area, there are numerous scratch built part.. Like suspension arms mounts, absorber etc etc.. On the body work, the white/silver joint area are airbrushed on.. Amazing work.

1/24 Mazda 787B - This is Johnson's 787B. Exceptional built. Body work is so glossy and engine details is well-made. The picture does not do the justice. Even the cockpit is well detailed too.. Johnson's 787B got 2nd place in this category. Congrats!!!. The gloss coat is airbrush on with real automotive gloss coat and wet-sand with 2000 grits sandpaper and polished with Tamiya compounds.

1/24 Marlboro BMW 635 CSI - It was driven by Hans Stuck. I still remembered this car was so dominant in Guia race back then until they were beaten by TWR JPS Jaguar driven by Tom Walkinshaw in 85 :) Good memory. This model is nicely built and as glossy as others built model on the table. Very sharp Marlboro paint scheme and the chinese name for Hans Stuck was hand drawn there. This is a Macau Guia Race winner in 82 or 83.

1/24 Jeff Gordon NASCAR - Rather interesting subject in Asia model contest as NASCAR isn't that popular in Asia area :) But this model is nicely done.

1/24 Skyline GTR - This one has open-able door. Not sure how it was done.

1/24 Calsonic Z

1/24 Skyline NISMO JGTC

1/24 Isuzu Truck - This truck may not sound too interesting to modelers in the west, but it is actually very interesting in Hong Kong because most trucks you see in construction site in HK has wooden truck bed and roof top. Feel like home when seeing this kind of Hong Kong style model.

Kowloon-Canton 1st generation electrical train -  First generation Kowloon-Canton electrical train.

1/12 Repsol Honda RC211V Rossi - This is a nicely built Honda by Michael Wong. Check out the exhaust pipes, they are nicely painted. Also check out the detailed spring added on the pipes.

1/24 Ferrari 348 - Very nice paint job.

1/20 McLaren MP4/4 - A nicely built MP4/4. Monocoque is covered with CF decal with PE bolts. Engine, sidpods, electronic boxes, etc are all nicely detailed. This one gets 3rd place in Civilized Vehicles category. Great job!. (some pics from Michael Wong)

1/24 Lancia 037 - This is the 1st place winner in Civilized Vehicle Category. This is an amazing piece of work. Both front and rear chassis frames are scratched built. Doors are made opened and tons of details everywhere.. Simply amazing work. Congrats!! (some pics from Michael Wong)


Aliens VS Predictor - Very interesting subject. This one has a flashing purple light too.

1/35 D-Day - a lot of US soldiers fighting on the beach

Old Hong Kong town -  This is very Hong Kong style diorama. It depicts old Hong Kong street corner back in 60s 70s. Very tasteful.

1/35 Berlin April 1945 -  Looks like a Russian tank got damaged pretty badly by Germans.. Very cool diorama.

1/35 Russian attacking -  Russian troops attacking... not only tanks, but also horse back warriors.

1/35 Misc 2 - Looks like a big German garage. Very detailed.

Misc 3 -  Some plane on aircraft carrier deck.

Godzilla's friends attacking? - Very cool and interesting.

AT-ST walking in forest

SF 3D - A down robot and a coyote.

Military vehicles




1/100 Gundam MKII 1/100 Ball in 08th MS team 1/100 Gundam GM in 08th MS team 1/100 Gundam in some unknown series
Star Blazers 1/100 Gundam RX79 and Guncannon 1/144 Dom Troopers and 1/100 Ball SF-3D Satellite. This one has a flashing white LED light... very cool



this is definitely a fun event with a lot of extremely high quality built there. In addition to that, few largest Hong Kong hobby shops (or sponsoring partners) have booths there with alot of goodies at good prices. Different from Tamiya/Con, you get to see a lot of other subjects. If you will travel to Hong Kong on 3rd or 4th weekend of Nov, check out  Hong Kong Scale Model Club to see if the contest will be held around that time. You will not regret to attend this event. By the way, 3rd weekend of Nov is annual Macau Grand Prix weekend too.. Key races are F3 international race and WTC (World Touring Car) finale... See if you can get a seat at Lisboan Corner and you will see a lot of incidents there :)

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