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Phantom F4 of the Luftwaffe

by Reuben Saliba


We are showing here a series of walkround photo of the McDonald Phantom F4 of the Luftwaffe. The Phantom is an old dog which has been used by several airforces around the world. My first experience of the F4 was when I was a young boy I used to visit the U.S. aircraft carriers that used to call at Malta. Carriers like the Shangrila and Forrestals were frequent visitors then. On board they used to have an array of planes and the F4B version Phantom was the highlight of our tour.


In modelling circles the Phantom has been modelled by major plastic model manufacturers in various scales. Coloring schemes of the Phantom are widespread and is not a difficult subject to source information. In the Radio Control fraternity the Phantom has also been modelled by several r/c manufacturers and, at least one version of the Phantom was a handful to land decently.
These photos were taken at the last Malta Airshow in the last weekend of September 2002. I hope that the Phantom modellers enjoy these photos


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