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Scale Modelworld 2002 at I.P.M.S. (UK)

by Jorge Moreyra



I had the chance to participate in the that great modelling show in Novemberr 09-10th 2002 at Telford, Shropshire. Here are some photos of the great airplanes models shown there.

More info:

IPMS UK > Here

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1/144 Airliner of Air France  1/48 Mosquito 1/72 Revell-Germany Tornado
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1/48 Sea Vixen 1/72 Spitfire 1/72 Fairey Gannet
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1/72 Spitfire 1/72 Swordfish (non Tamiya) 1/144  B767 this model won three prizes ..First place, Civil Aviation trophy, and the South American trophy.
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1/72 Sopwith Cuckoo...incredible job! 1/48 Ki-61 Tony - won the best Japanese subject
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1/48  F-94 Starfire 1/48 Me-109F2 1/48 P-39Q
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1/48 FW190-A8 1/48 Pulqui II showed by an Argentine modeler, Ricardo Caballero.
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My 1/72 A6M5C Zero from Academy (won "COMMENDED") Aeromaster paints and decals, an "Out of the Box". A very nice an simple kit, I recommend Academy easy to build although some accuracy mistakes