Formula one

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Ferrari 312 F1 (chassis 017) '69

1/24 scale

by Niels Elmholt Christensen


The 1960ís Ferrari F1 cars have always fascinated me. Strangely enough my favourite is the 1969 contender driven by Chris Amon, which was not the most winning Ferrari in history with a third place in the Dutch GP as the best result, but I think that it was one of the most beautiful. However to my opinion it was the one of the last real F1 cars (my brain stopped working in 1970).

Researching this car is not an easy task as the car changed a lot during the 1969 season, the worst case being the Monaco GP, where the car had the prominent rear wing and front wings in training, but following a ban on the high wings, was fitted was a makefit rear spoiler and reduced front wings in the race itself.

Apart from the Chaparral cars and Sifferts CanAm Porsche 917 Spyder, it is seldom to see such a multitude of different wing configuration on a single car in one season. I have chosen to model the car entered in the Spanish GP, which was held in Barcelona. The car is using the high rear wing with hydraulic operation. Maybe not the most pretty sign, but maybe typical of the search for speed and grip which at that time was taking place both in F1, sports car racing and in CanAm.

The model

As there were no model kits available, I had to model the car myself. I started nearly 10 years ago, sculpturing the body in modelling clay. I then made a moulding form in RTV silicone and cast a massive body in epoxy resin. I then hollowed the body using a small motor tool, taking care that the cockpit sides was thin and looked right to scale. Engine, wheels and tires were from the Heller 1:24 Ferrari 330P4 kit, the tires were made a bit wider using slices from other tires. Everything else is scratchbuilt, using pictures from a lot of motor books covering cars from this period.


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The body is cast in epoxy from a master made in modelling clay

Front lower wishbone from soldered brass rod, uprights modified parts from parts box

Belt harness is photoetched brass, upholstery is thin lead sheet formed over a ribbed surface

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Instruments houses are made from alu tubing

Engine is modified from an old Heller Ferrari 330P kit


It has given me great pleasure to build this model and I hope this will inspire you to start building similar projects. I have a lot of picture of race cars from the 1960ís and 70ís so donít hesitate to mail me if you need any help. I would be pleased to help you.