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Detailing an old Formula one: the Protar Ferrari 312 B2 from 1971 1/12 scale

by Christian Jung © 2010 Modeler Site

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In 1972 Protar produced their first 1/12 F1 scale model, the Ferrari 312 B2 1971. Protar was well known for their fine motorcycles models, but their F1 models weren’t of the same quality. A year before Tamiya released the predecessor of the B2, the Ferrari 312 B from 1970. The kit from Tamiya wasn’t of the same quality as their later 1/12, but it was much better than the Protar one.  The first look on the Protar box shows that there are some parts really out of scale. Especially the tires and the rims which look like truck wheels. Fortunately the body seems to be well shaped, so it’s worthwhile trying to improve the kit.


The kit

I analyzed the Protar model comparing it with references from my Ferrari motorbooks and photos from internet and found the following parts should be improved:


Motor support

Rollbar and the oil tank cover

Rear wing

Exhaust system

Nose cowling





Finally I heavily reshaped and re engineered the Protar kit scratch building many parts.


Although the original Protar chassis has a nice shape, the following parts were improved:


1) The cockpit is not right

2) The bulges behind the upper front suspension are too flat.

3) The rivets are too small and the rivetlines aren’t right.

4) The body attachments for the upper rear suspension rod are wrong

1) Cockpit sidewalls parts 2 and 3 were cut the rear half were removed and replaced for 0.5mm styrene, also the cockpit backside was closed with plasticard making so a new bulkhead.

The new left wall is angeled, the right wall is curved in the upper part to give room to the driver’s right arm for changing the gearshift.

The bottom of the driver’s seat was not used and replaced later on.


Sidewalls and new styrene sheets were glued to the bottom


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