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On the border

by Russ Sharp 2003 Modeler Site

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The Special Air Service was formed in 1941/42 by Major David Stirling in the North African theatre of operations. At the defeat of Rommel, hostilities ceased and the SAS battalions were reassigned to the European theatre. The SAS conducted many behind enemy lines missions for which they were aptly trained and heavily armed to do. The subject of my vignette is of one such SAS group on a RECCE mission to the border between France and Germany.


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My idea began with the acquiring of Synergy Dio Products 7inch 'Inst-Rama', the building being called 'the bookstore'. Upon opening the 'Ration' sized box we find the contents neatly and precisely packed between sheets of bubblepac.
The 7in. base includes cobblestone street, side walk,the building foundation and all the rubble. The building includes the front wall,4 outer walls,4 inner walls and a second story
floor / beams / cieling piece, the latter being all one molded piece. A little trimming and sanding is required but was a very easy build. The trim and window sills were painted a dark grey and a wash of black was used for the rest of the structure. The brick work was painted a red brown, washed with black and highlighted with orange. The inside walls were painted in a gloss acrylic green and washed in black. I added a hydro post to the upper right side of the building and attached a couple of wires to it.


The second story floor was painted brown as were the beams while the ceiling was painted in the green. The rubble was given a coat of black wash as was the sidewalk. The road was painted the dark grey and washed in black. A sign post was added with signs from the spares box. Everything was then drybrushed in a dust colour with pastels added to finish the weathering.


The jeep is the Italeri European Theatre SAS version, built straight from the box with minor changes to the front windscreen area. I also added by crew preference, a 50cal. MG mounted on a swing arm up front. The jeep was painted a dark olive, numerous articles of gear and weapons stowed and after all was painted maps were added.


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Figures were from Tamiya and the spares box. Some German gear and weapons were added to the upper and lower windows. Pastels were used on the vehicle, building, road and signpost to simulate dust and dirt, black was used to simulate burned areas.


The diorama was an easy and fun build with Synergy Dio Products 'Inst-rama' including everything in the kit to put this vignette together. The jeep represents an advanced Recce party probing the border.


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