IA 27 Pulqui I


by  Mario Covalski


The Pulqui 1 was the first jet built in Argentina, becoming this country, at that time, in the fifth world's nation that had an airplane of these characteristics.
The studies for the construction of this single-seat for interception, began in 1946, being directed by the French engineer Emile Dewoitine and with the collaboration of engineers Juan Ignacio San Martin, Enrique Cardeilhac and Norberto L. Morchio.

The prototype took off for the first time on August 9th 1947, the tests pilot was lieutenant first Osvaldo Weiss.
This airplane's wings had a profile I.A. 242-1 of laminate flow and a structure single box beam. It had a span of 11,25 mts and a wing surface of 19,70 m2, being the wing tips rounded . After the first tests had finished the engineers decided to reduce the span to 10,50 mts, with the purpose of reaching a better end speed.
The fuselage was monocoque with elliptic transversal section, with the air intake placed on the airplane nose (typical of the Migs), branching to both sides of the cockpit and with gases exit under the rudder.
Due to the little space inside the fuselage, the planners should locate the fuel tanks in the wings, the result was the autonomy decrease, studying therefore the possibility to install supplementary fuel tanks under them.

The projected fixed armament, included four 20mm guns in the airplane's nose. Besides the installation of rails for rocket-launcher and the bomb supports under the wings were anticipated, for tactical support tasks.

Technical data

Country of origin: Argentina.
Type: Fighter aircraft single-seat of metallic construction.
Size: Span 10,50 mts, longitude 9,60 mts, height 3,39 mts.
Wing surface 19 mts2.
Engine: Turboreactor Rolls Royce Derwent 5 of 1633 kg.
Weight: 2358 kg, maximum in flight 3600 kg.
Performance: Maximum speed: 720 km/H.
Autonomy: 1 hour 30 minutes.
Range: 900 KM.

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