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Messerschmitt Me109 G2/R1

1/32 scale

by Marc Zovi


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I was building 109s during last years, now I'm sharing with Modeler Site's readers my 109 collection plus my latest one, a 1/32 Revell 109G4, which actually is the Hasegawa kit.

Me109 G2/R1

Only ten Me109 G2/R1 were built. This special version was tested to use 500 kg bombs in a Me 109. The bomb, was so large that didn't allow to airplane stays on its tail wheel. Germany engineers developed a modification based in a fourth wheel, meanwhile the plane was on the ground. Once the airplane took off was, this wheel was dropped with a parachute.

All transformations in my model, were made with scratch pieces, I really don't like to use conversion kits (too expensive !). I had few problems to build this model, the central part of canopy is about 1 mm longer to get into his place normally. Assembling the wings needs a particular attention if you cement the parts inside the wing before cementing the wing on the fuselage. You also should be care  when you glue together the two fuselage halves.


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