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Hurricane at the Malta Aviation Museum

by Reuben Saliba


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For this year's Anniversary of Modeler Site I wanted to have a special walkround photo session of a plane that is not easily seen around the website such as this. The plane that I wanted to photo is the HAWKER HURRICANE that is currently being built at the MALTA AVIATION MUSEUM and thanks to the Curator of the Museum, Mr. Ray Polidano I was given permission to photo the plane under construction.
Undoubtedly, the Hurricane is a prolific plane as it took part in the Battle of Britain and also air war over Malta. These planes together with other types, including Beaufighters, Spitfires Kittyhawks etc were important for the various sorties that started in Malta for the liberation of Europe and North Africa in World War II.
The re-creation of this plane is a monument to those that fell during WW2 in Malta.


The plane has been under construction for some time and David, the young gentleman standing in front of the plane has been instrumental in this project. Real dedication indeed has been the platform of this project and anybody coming to Malta should not miss a visit to the Aviation Museum to see the collection of planes.
The project started off with the landing gear find in the waters around Malta together with some fuselage parts. Engine was also fished out of water. These were fortunately in a relatively good condition. Then the hard work started and this is the stage they have arrived up to now.

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